Transformative Executive Coaching

Lead Global offers professional accredited Executive Coaching. The Lead Global coaching process is designed to enable executives to become deeply aware of their unique leadership qualities, the blocks that may hinder them, and the ways to use their internal resourcefulness to empower their assets and overcome inhibitions for the sake of reaching their full potential.

Transformative Executive Coaching is about empowering personal leadership in all ways as the basis for professional success.

How can executives create their intended influence and results? How do executives implement powerful leadership as part of their role?  What is the unique leadership style and vision needed for each executive in the context of their work?

The Lead Global transformative coaching process begins with individual assessment, followed by a development process, and concludes with achieving both a transformation at the being level and specific measurable changes at the behavioral level. All measures are defined and agreed upon at the beginning of the process. Throughout the process, strengths are identified and used to empower the individual through the more challenging aspects of the development process.

We combine our expertise of individual co-active coaching with our unique specialization in relationship coaching and thus help individual executives not only develop leadership presence, vision, impact, and ability to grow others, but also enhance their ability to lead teams and effectively build relationships.

The coach creates a safe and courageous space for the client. The coach is committed to truth telling, integrity of practice, and a non-judgmental perspective. The coach uses powerful questions and simulations, brainstorming and perspective work, and follow-up with accountability to ensure results.

As part of the transformative executive coaching, the client receives and integrates practical useful tools for management and leadership on the individual, team, and global organizational levels.

Examples of coaching outcomes

  • Creating a focused and compelling vision
  • Achieving sustainable desired behavioural changes
  • Becoming accountable for successfully performed action plans
  • Reaching personal fulfillment
  • Internalizing new habits through practice
  • Increasing and deepening self-awareness
  • Acquiring skills such as: focusing, decision making, assertiveness, self management, value recognition, providing effective feedback, positive thinking, effective communication, creating accountability, brain storming, powerful conflict resolution, meta-view, strategic planning, system thinking, leadership presence, self management, and many more
  • Significant developing of the three levels of intelligences: emotional intelligence, social intelligence and relationship-system intelligence
  • Evolving successfully following a 360 feedback assessment

Executive Coaching in organizations

  • Executive coaching is results based measured over time
  • Executive coaching aligns individual vision and organizational goals
  • Executive coaching ensures safety and confidentiality for the executive client

Our executive clients

Lead Global has extensive experience in working with CEO level executives, mid-level managers, hi-potentials, women in leadership positions, new managers, and many more. We have worked with executives from numerous fields and departments. Our work is global – we coach executives from leading organizations in Europe, US, the far east and Israel. Our work with executives is based on the latest research in executive coaching, 360 feedback assessments (the Leadership Circle), Co-active coaching, Situational Leadership, Organizational Relationship System coaching, and ICF (International Coach Federation) Master Level accredited Coaching.